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Navaltecnosud’s Made in Italy products to England’s conquest

News of: Sviluppo Nautico

With a view to ever-expanding internationalization, a renowned company in Southern Italy lands in the United Kingdom, testing its products in a challenging scenario like Portland, a city known to be particularly windy, where it has noted very large boats.

Navaltecnosud Boat Stand, an Abu Dhabi company specializing in shipbuilding and shipbuilding equipment, has introduced its products to the world’s most prestigious nautical salons, is gaining ever more international success with installations around the world , Including Spain, England and the Caribbean.

This company, headquartered in Valenzano in the Barese, manufactures a wide range of stands, props, invaders, heels, balancers, equipment for carrying large yachts on the ship, as well as multi-storey railing racks and shelves for “dry docks” and other articles for naval shipbuilding, for safety in technical areas and for better terrain optimization in shipyards.

Of this wide range, today we pay attention to this product in particular: Cradles for sailing boats, transportable conveyor with powered carriages equipped with forks and crossbows that allow to lift boat and saddle at the same time. Ideal for optimizing space on shipyards and sailing safely. It is realized in various width measures, in relation to the wheels of the carriage and at various lengths. Flow, size, and number of props can be customized to suit specific needs.

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