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Naval tecno sud at work in Corsica for the installation of boat holds.

The presence of Naval Tecno Sud in Corsica is increasingly consolidated, at work these days in Lecci in the southern part of the island for the installation of a three-tier boat rack.
Stiva porta barche

The standard modules of the holds carried out by the Apulian company foresee a light of 6/7 meters, a depth of 3/4 meters and a height between 3 and 7 meters in relation to the number of levels, on which two can be housed boats of 2.90 meters or 3.40 meters and 2.50 meters.

The innovative feature of the Naval Tecno Sud racks is the support of the boats, consisting of two steel bars with the application of very high resistance fenders that “hug” the hull in safety, unlike the alternatives on the market that instead provide the resting on two horizontal wooden bars.Stiva porta barcheThanks also to these characteristics, the structures made by the Apulian company, CE certified, can support three tons per shelf, for a total of 9 tons for an entire module at three levels. It also extends the possibility of customization for boat shelves, such as in the case of work in progress at Lecci, with the dimensions that can be adapted according to specific customer requests and with the capacity that can go up to 6 tons per shelf (with an average of 3 tons per single boat), reaching 18 tons overall.


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