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Barbara e Roberto Spadavecchia

Interview with Barbara Spadavecchia

Could you provide a balance for autumn boat shows?

This year we had a very fruitful exhibition season, more than we expected. We have been in a new place in Tampa and consolidated our presence in the historic boat show in Genoa, where there was a massive customers’ flow and we received also good feedback. Moreover, we have been at the very recent METS which is always important to us since the customers have more technical and specific characteristics.

Among all of your products, which is the most sought-after article by this time of the year?

Apart from our usual products for boat storage including cradles, heels, spreader beams and ladders, at this moment there is a lot of interest in the retractile booth for storage, on tracks or wheels.

What is the innovation that surprised you the most in these boat shows?

Actually, it surprised me a renewed enthusiasm in the nautical sector.

As a leading company, what is the current health of Italian companies in this sector?

The nautical sector grows continuously, we have entered this market in the midst of a crisis and we have seen the nautical sector growing gradually without stopping and today we can notice the good results.