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Transportable cradle

Transportable cradle with motorized trolley recommended for ton sailboats. 25 to Ton. 200, consisting of two modules suitably positioned towards the stern and towards the bow.

The module consists of an underlying part that fits inside the trolley and the upper part is wider than the trolley to allow comfortable support on the side members for transport.

On the upper part of this module can be placed either the customized boat cradles provided by the yard or by height adjustable props.

Module from Tons 25 for boats up to Tons 50

Module from Tons 35 for boats up to Tons 70

Module from Tons 60 for boats up to Tons 120

Module from Tons 100 for boats up to Tons 200


All the dimensions, the lower part, the upper part and the relative heights can be customized according to the size of the motorized trolley that will be used to move the boats.